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Suffice it to point to the elucidation of the significance of individual parts of the brain, various nerve trunks, to the study of the mechanism of the sense organs, to the study of individual parts of digestion, to a thorough study of blood circulation, respiration, departments, etc. Pharmacology has collected such abundant material that it has become a separate science.

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Pathology has not only elucidated the significance of the individual conditions causing illness, but has also sought to determine, through observation and experience, the mechanism of the disorder; the whole world of fungi that cause diseases has been discovered and investigated, and in many cases the foundations of the fight against these harmful agents have been discovered.

Practical M. has acquired many techniques that make it possible to make accurate recognition of diseases, and has also developed methods of treating many disorders, both acute and chronic. In surgery, a beneficial revolution has taken place, thanks to which the treatment of wounds is especially successful, and many operations that previously gave unfavorable results have become applicable with the hope of success.

Eye, female, throat and ear diseases have been developed by a large number of specialists who have achieved very happy results. Hygiene is striking in its development; thanks to her, many infectious diseases have disappeared in the advanced civilized states or have decreased to extremely insignificant proportions; the average life expectancy of citizens has increased, the general morbidity has sharply subsided.

The successes already achieved are convincing that M. in the last four centuries has applied generally correct methods of thinking and research, and has focused on really useful methods of treatment. All this allows us to hope that in the future the modern direction of medicine will give mankind even more important results, thanks to which the existence of people will be happier and longer.

Welcome! Our site is a free online medical directory of diseases, drugs and medical terms in alphabetical order. We all get sick, rarely or often, depends on the general state of our health. Our medical encyclopedia will help you understand medical terminology that is not always clear.

Here you will not be able to download anything, but using the rubricator or search you will find descriptions and symptoms of diseases known to science and instructions for the use of medicines.

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The handbook will be useful not only for professional doctors, but also for almost everyone who knows at least a little about medicine. Do not get too carried away with self-medication. Before applying the recommendations for the treatment of diseases given in this handbook, be sure to consult a doctor, because due to a lack of knowledge, you can mistake the symptoms of one disease for a completely different one and harm your health.

Medicine is a system of scientific practical activity aimed at strengthening and protecting human health, prolonging his life by improving the external environment, preventing and treating diseases.

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Medical reference book.

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The nature and level of development of medicine are determined by the material conditions of society, the level of development of productive forces, the nature of production relations.


The development of medicine is closely linked with the development of natural sciences, philosophy and technology.

The development of medicine has led to the separation of numerous independent medical disciplines - obstetrics and gynecology, dermatology and venereology, neurology, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, pediatrics, psychiatry, hygiene, epidemiology and many others.

In recent decades, new directions in medicine have developed especially rapidly and new sections have taken shape - virology, immunology, medical genetics, radiobiology and many others. All this is reflected in this guide.

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The medical reference book includes descriptions of medical and biomedical sciences that study the structure and vital functions of a healthy and sick organism (anatomy, biochemistry, normal and pathological physiology, etc.), the action of drugs and their use (pharmacology), areas of medicine that develop methods diagnostics, treatment and prevention of diseases of various organs and systems (therapy, surgery, etc.), a science that studies the effect of living conditions on human health and develops measures aimed at preventing diseases (hygiene).

The differentiation of medicine has greatly improved the ability to fight disease; This process continues constantly, but despite the differentiation, a physician of any specialty should not forget about the unity of the organism in the treatment of any disease.

Treatment of diseases.

Collaboration between physicians of different specialties is becoming more and more necessary. Our medical encyclopedia will provide you with all the information you need. The decisions of the government of the Russian Federation have outlined grandiose prospects for further growth in the well-being of the population of our country and improvement in the protection of their health.

Latin anatomical terms are given in the reference book mainly according to the "Paris Anatomical Nomenclature" (PNA), and pharmacological - according to the "State Pharmacopoeia" (X edition). In the articles of the medical encyclopedia, various kinds of reference tables on issues of preventive and clinical medicine are widely used.

Further construction of large specialized and multidisciplinary hospitals, polyclinics and dispensaries is envisaged in order to improve the quality of specialized medical care and better provide the population with all its types; expansion of the network of ambulance stations and sanitary-epidemiological stations; an increase in the number of medical personnel and an increase in the level of their training. In solving these problems, a large role belongs to the nursing staff, whose qualification improvement is one of the major tasks of Russian healthcare.

In the complex of measures to improve the qualifications of nurses, one of the leading places belongs to special literature, especially of a reference nature. Handbooks for paramedical workers published by medical publishing houses contain mainly information of a purely practical nature, mainly focused on one of the sections of medical practice (care, first aid, emergency care, etc.) and, therefore, insufficient to increase the general level of specialized knowledge of paramedical personnel. This gap can most fully be filled with our online medical reference book.

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Taking modafinil account the greatest need for a scientific reference manual among paramedics and midwives working independently, the editorial board of the medical encyclopedia considered it expedient to subordinate the content of the site mainly to the interests of this contingent of paramedical workers. The theoretical information in the articles of the practical plan is given in the amount necessary only for a correct assessment of the essence of the observed phenomena and the conscious implementation of practical measures.

en setting out the issues of medical care and treatment, first of all, the rights and obligations of a paramedic and midwife were taken into account.